Degree Plans


AA Criminal Justice Focus1.2 MiB228
AA General Education1.1 MiB922
AA Human Services Focus1.2 MiB352
AA Nursing UAMS1.2 MiB313
AAS Bus Admin Accounting Focus TC Accounting CP General Business18.8 KiB420
AAS Business Admin TC Business Technology CP General Business20.0 KiB521
AAS Crime Scene Investigation1.3 MiB170
AAS General Technology Degree1.2 MiB299
AAS Law Enforcement Administration1.3 MiB250
AAS Power Plant Technology1.2 MiB197
AAS RN ARNEC Degree Plan1.2 MiB317
AAS TC CP Early Childhood Education 20171.3 MiB190
AAS TC CP EMS Paramedic EMT Degree Plan1.2 MiB240
AAS TC CP Funeral Services Updated Spring 20181.0 MiB61
AAS TC CP Information Technology1.2 MiB345
AAS TC CP Supply Chain Management1.2 MiB247
AAS TC Medical Office Management CP General Business19.8 KiB355
AGS Associate General Studies1.2 MiB280
AS Business Degree26.5 KiB475
AS Education K6 UALR Degree Plan 226.2 KiB167
AS Education Middle School Language Arts Social Studies UALR Degree Plan699.7 KiB164
AS Education Middle School Math Science UALR Degree Plan699.4 KiB200
AS Education SAU Degree Plan25.2 KiB419
Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)160.6 KiB118
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)65.0 KiB206
Bachelor of Science in Construction Management (BS)43.9 KiB109
CGS Certificate In General Studies1.2 MiB331
TC CP CARE Commercial Residential Equipment Repair17.3 KiB250
TC CP Crime Scene Investigation1.2 MiB206
TC CP Diesel Technology18.7 KiB270
TC CP HVAC16.5 KiB261
TC CP Industrial Electricity16.7 KiB291
TC CP Industrial Maintenance Tech - Machining16.3 KiB279
TC CP Industrial Maintenance Tech- Multi-Craft691.5 KiB226
TC CP Law Enforcement Administration1.2 MiB280
TC CP Power Plant18.5 KiB268
TC CP Welding And Construction Welding17.9 KiB419
TC Health Professions CP CNA LPN Pre-reqs1.2 MiB622
TC Health Professions Surg Tech (pending Not Approved)1.3 MiB225
TC Practical Nursing HOPE1.2 MiB246
TC Practical Nursing TEXARKANA1.3 MiB154